A Southern California Christmas

A Southern California Christmas
Is the only Christmas I know
Blue, sunny and cloud-filled skies
And not an inch of snow

The weather is not so frightful
And the ground is anything but white
But still the carolers will wear scarves and mitts
While singing Silent Night

Shopping malls attempt to create
A Hollywood winter wonderland
Fake snowflakes made of bubbles
Children watching it melt in their hands

The same children then go
To sit on Santa’s jolly lap
And when the guy in the suit nods his head
Oh how the children clap

For he has just assured them
That they were on the nice list this year
As he pets their little noses
And laughs through his synthetic beard

Holiday jingles playing every hour
On KOST 103.5
Alleviating a little bit of fury
During holiday traffic hour drives

Books pop up in bookstores
About Frosty, Rudolph, and the whole crew
Scenes of Christmas elsewhere
While here it is a cozy 72

In storefronts we see holiday relics
Of religions of all sorts
To celebrate the holiday
That made shopping quite a sport

There are fundraising efforts
Sprouting all over the place
Charities hoping to truly capture
Everybody’s good and generous grace

So although Christmas is different
In all parts of the world
It reminds us to behave
Like good little boys and girls


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