Rex the Friendly Dinosaur

Rex was a friendly dinosaur
The friendliest one around
While other T-rexes were roaring loudly
He made the faintest of sounds

Rex loved to sing lullabies
And he especially loved to dance
While the others wanted to trample on things
Rex just loved to prance

Rex loved telling funny stories
And filling others with happiness and joy
And unlike the other T-rexes
Rex was great at sharing his toys

Rex loved pretty flowers
Especially ones in shades of pink
He would always give them away with a smile
And added an extra wink

He didn’t fit in with the other T-rexes
For they were scary and mean
They liked to cause fear in others
And that just wasn’t Rex’s scene

Rex was happy being himself
Because that was all he could be
So what if he was different?
Being yourself is key


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