Jump in Puddles!

By: Vina Vo

On this rainy Saturday I sit inside
With nothing interesting to do
I dream of monkey bars and fast moving slides
Of skies sunny and blue

But blue is how I feel today
My spirit down in the dumps
With nothing more to really say
I might as well just have the mumps

The TV is on, but nothing is on
Morning cartoons have already passed
I wish the rain would just be gone
So I can go play outside at last

But then I get the brilliant plan
As I see mud puddles right outside
I could go outdoors and jump around
Maybe even lay on my belly and slide

Happily I dance in the rain
And hop in brown wet pools
My clothes begin to stain
And my body becomes real cool

Dad hollers for me to come indoors
For I will get a cold
I drag the wetness to the floors
And my, does my dad scold

The next day the sun came out
Warm, blue and bright
But I stay in and just pout
Because I got really sick that night

Inspired by: Neil Degrasse Tyson

Neil Degrasse Tyson: Okay, nothing thing—so if it’s raining out, there’s a big puddle—what do you want to do with that puddle?

Girl: Jump in it.

Tyson: You wanna jump in it… so do you parents let you jump in it?

Girl: Y-no.

Tyson: Well tell your parents Doctor Neil deGrasse Tyson said you should jump in the puddle.


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