The Box of Lost Items

By: Vina Vo

On her birthday a magical box appeared
One she had never seen
In her room, by her bed, it stood still
Glowing a fluorescent green

Slowly she approached the mystery
With great caution and great care
What could it be? She wondered
What could be in there?

Reaching for the box’s flaps
She lifted them one by one
And what she saw inside of it
Left her pleasantly stunned

The box contained items
She had lost for all she knew
But how did they get in there?
This couldn’t possibly be true

She sorted through them gleefully
Looking at old socks, books, and toys
She found homework, pencils, and hairbands
Even some poems she wrote about boys

She found letters from friends
A sweater she forgot at the park
She even found a camping flashlight
The one she had dropped in the dark

So many wonderful treasures
All neatly packaged and tucked
She couldn’t wait to tell her mother
Of her incredible birthday luck

She ran to go find her
To share in this amazing surprise
She knew she didn’t really lose all those things
They were just hidden somewhere, in disguise

Reluctantly her mom came
To see what the fuss was for
But to the girl’s dismay
The box was gone, her items lost once more

For Judy


Get Well Soon

By: Vina Vo

For Adam

I wish upon the stars
And I wish upon the moon
That you my dear friend
Will quickly get well soon

You may be feeling crummy
That things are going wrong
But I know you’ll get through it
Because you are brave and strong

Some days are harder than others
That is simply how things go
But brighter days are up ahead
Just give it some time to show

Remember that you are a fighter
With will as mighty as could be
And when that isn’t enough
Then you can always call on me

I will always have a joke handy
And even a compliment or two
Just keep your spirits up
You’ll soon be good as new


Rex the Friendly Dinosaur

Rex was a friendly dinosaur
The friendliest one around
While other T-rexes were roaring loudly
He made the faintest of sounds

Rex loved to sing lullabies
And he especially loved to dance
While the others wanted to trample on things
Rex just loved to prance

Rex loved telling funny stories
And filling others with happiness and joy
And unlike the other T-rexes
Rex was great at sharing his toys

Rex loved pretty flowers
Especially ones in shades of pink
He would always give them away with a smile
And added an extra wink

He didn’t fit in with the other T-rexes
For they were scary and mean
They liked to cause fear in others
And that just wasn’t Rex’s scene

Rex was happy being himself
Because that was all he could be
So what if he was different?
Being yourself is key